Part Three: How to order some food

Worst Case Scenario starting as a good one: You have just learnt enough Slovenian to buy yourself a drink. Let’s say: a really good beer. And then another one. And thenanother. Anotherone. Anoeoeo… Suddenly you’re very very hungry.

As if by magic, you still remember parts of the lesson about ordering drinks. There was something about … female drinks … changing … the v- the v- … the vowel!.

Let me tell you: you are saved.

So, how do you order your food in Slovenian? Well, first you have to be made aware of the fact that we also eat what you eat:

1. In a Slovenian pub, you may find things like:


hot dog, sendvič,
toast Hawaii, tiramisu, filet mignon,


pizza, ciabatta, mozzarella z baziliko, polenta, lasagna, solata


špageti bolognese, njoki, makaroni, škampi, šampinjoni z gorgonzolo


2. Obviously, you will still remember the appropriate sentence to order your food. It is the same one as with drinks “(name of the stuff), please.” In Slovenian:

___________, prosim. (Pronunciation: „pro-ssim“)

3. If your wish is to be found in the blue list above, just use the very word in front of “prosim”:

Hot dog, prosim.
Sendvič, prosim.
Toast Hawaii, prosim.

4. If you would like to order something from the pink list, you will have to perform the well-known beauty trick before going on. So, once again: change the ending -a in the (first) word into -o and then use this new word in your sentence:

Pizzo z rukolo, prosim
Mozzarello z baziliko, prosim.
Solato, prosim.

5. Now what if what you desperately want to eat is in the third box, on the orange list? As you know, one must always strive to deserve one’s meals. Here is how you do it easy way: change the ending -i in the (first) word into -e and then use this new word in your sentence:

Špagete bolognese, prosim.
Šampinjone z gorgonzolo, prosim.

6. That’s it! You’ve done it! Now you can order another beer – maybe the food you’ve ordered contains things you dislike (like česengarlic)…


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