What on Earth…

… should I cook today?

The usual vegetable soup? Nöö.

Pizza from the freezer? Last time it slipped and fell down IN the oven I needed a few hours to stop laughing. But we did have “Pizza from oven crevices” for lunch.

Erm… ?!?!? No idea.

When will I finally win in the lottery? Then I could employ an excellent Indian cook and live on Palak Paneer for the rest of my life.

UPDATE: Rice. With vegetables. And Punjabi Masala Papads.



6 responses to “What on Earth…

  • onemorehandbag

    With those housewifey dilemmas I think you’re actually the right target group for Tupperware parties after all 😉
    When you DO whin the lottery, let me know and I’ll be happy to mail you my bank details…

  • alcessa

    My aim was to present myself as the right target of lottery fairies…

    You know what, I find other people’s bank details sooo depressing 😀

  • Blümeli

    Liebe Alcessa,

    hiermit lade ich Dich herzlich auf’nen Tee in mein Schmökereckchen ein – sozusagen als Fortsetzung des Kaffeeklatsches der Slavencommunity ;-)Christian ist auch schon da…

    Lieben Gruß,
    Blümeli 🙂

  • tomaz

    what should you cook?

    try this:
    gnocchi with broccoli + tomato salat + prebranac 🙂

    good dish to make w/ leftovers in the fridge!

  • alcessa

    Tomaž, you’ve hit the nail on the head: on Thursday evenings (in a few minutes, that is) we go shopping for the week ahead and at midday we haven’t got much stuff left, so I didn’t have much choice.
    But I like your suggestion, since I like it’s components very much. I try to avoid processed food and stuff and do things myself, at the same time I always feel the urge to finish cooking quick and not to busy myself too much with it while the PC’s waiting…

  • tomaz

    on contrary Alcessa: I always like to take a break from PC and prepare a nice lunch/dinner for 2 of us.

    But since this week the fridge is literaly empty and on the other hand full of leftovers, i’m “forced” to use my magic wand and my leftover’s imagination 🙂 “notausgang kueche” 🙂

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