A Handsome Dead Man

Don’t get me wrong, I love photos of real men, but I can’t forget this one

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  • DarkoV

    The strangest of all of Jim Jarmusch’s many strange (and wonderful) movies.

    Love it.

    And I love Johnny Depp’s desire to play in a wide array of movies, commerically successful juggernauts and small delights.

  • alcessa

    Darko, which other Jarmusch films have you seen?

    The first time I saw this one, it was December, Christmas season in Ljubljana.
    The second time I saw this one, it was December, Christmas season in Ljubljana (but a year later).
    The third time it was on the sofa at home 🙂

    Yes, Johnny Depp IS good. I even love The pirates of the Caribbean…

  • pengovsky

    Coffee and cigaretes is my favourite by Jarmusch (although I haven’t seen many) Especially the last few episodes in the film are brilliant

  • alcessa

    That’s the one I still have to see …

  • alcessa

    But Night on Earth would be the only other Jarmusch film I’ve seen so far. Which is not a lot: I’ve checked Wikipedia.

  • Contemplator

    Johnny’s deep, not just Depp…

  • pengovsky

    @Alcessa: Yeah, Jim’s been rather productive feller 😉 I also have a lot of catching up to do in the Jarmusch departement

  • DarkoV

    I’ve seen:
    1) Stranger than Paradise (his first..it’s o.k. but somewhat depressing)
    2) Down by Law (my second favorite of his. Roberto Benigni & John Lurie in the same film. Fabulous)
    3) Dead Man
    4) Mystery Train (takes palce in Nashville. Has Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in it)
    5) Night on Earth (My favorite of his movies)
    6) Broken Flowers (w/ Bill Murray. A departure from his other films though it still has that uneasiness that is always present in his movies)
    7) Coffee & Cigarettes (Funny little bits that he filmed when he was doing all his other movies and then he put them into this movie. Definitely worth seeing)
    8)Cannes Man (Noit directed by him but there’s a long scene with him and Tom Waits that is worth the wading through the other stuff)
    9) Year of the Horse:Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live (Neil Young AND Jim JArmusch? What could be greater if you’re a Neil Young fan?)
    10) Ghost Dog (I’d say this is my 3rd favorite film. Simply gorgeous. Never have slums looked so magical. Forrest Whittaker is outstanding, as ar members of Wu Tang Clan)
    11) Leningrad Cowboys go to America (Jarmusch was only an actor here, but the movie has an overall Jarmusch “feel”)

    I’ve seen these movies at least twice, some of them 10-12 times. He never tires me out. “Night on Earth” is certainly in my top 5 movies. The Roberto Benigni piece is a classic.

  • alcessa

    Darko: Thank you very much. I admit I was fishing for a recommendation or two… That was very friendly of you!

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