Reading reading reading

I’ve been reading a beautiful book recently, by a bestselling author.

Now, my normal reading procedure is:

a) order the book at Amazon
b) read it in one day
c) put it away
d) feel the need to
e) re-read it a few weeks/months later. Repeat.

It usually doesn’t matter how many pages my printed victim has: I’ll do them all in one day. Except if:

a) I’ve been reading several books at once (happens often)
b) I have so much work I cannot read, not even at the weekend.

The latter is the case now, which is why I am grateful that my lovely book is divided into short chapters…

Wanna try and have a guess, which book it is? Which author? Here is the beginning:

I am nothing but a corpse now, a body at the bottom of a well. Though I drew my last breath long ago and my heart has stopped beating, no one, apart from that vile murderer, knows what’s happened to me. As for that wretch, he felt for my pulse and listened for my breath to be sure I was dead, then kicked me in the midriff, carried me to the edge of the well, raised me up and dropped me below. As I fell, my head, which he’d smashed with a stone, broke apart; my face, my forehead and cheeks, were crushed; my bones shattered, and my mouth filled with blood.

Quite a bloody beginning it is. A few chapters later, the talk is all about money:

Before I arrived here, I spent ten days in the dirty sock of a poor shoe-maker’s apprentice. Each night the unfortunate man would fall asleep in his bed, naming the endless things he could buy with me. The lines of this epic poem, sweet as a lullaby, proved to me that there was no place on Earth a coin couldn’t go.

So this time I am forced to read slowly, savouring every sentence. Not bad; I thought I was a hopeless case, not being able to read every letter the first time and needing another go or two.
Funny though that this does not mean I cannot postpone pleasure to do my duty first… It’s just the way I read, not the way I live.

4 responses to “Reading reading reading

  • DarkoV

    That would be me.
    Nimble fingers and Google and the answer spit out is…
    this book.

    Just wondering if that old phrase, “Wait! It’s just on the tip of my tongue…” will soon be heaved onto the archaic word pile, as Google eliminates the need for the memory and tongue connection.

  • alcessa

    Darko, you are a Google Genius! You have the world at the tip of your fingers…

    (Since I am having troubles logging in at your place, I’d like to comment on your latest post here, OK? (I’m going to move to WordPress some day) I just wanted to say I love reading posts featuring your ELW telling you about the ways of the world.)

  • ants

    Uffff! Once more dare adwise “Longfoot dad”!

  • Michael M.

    I wanted to guess Crace’s “Being Dead” — which starts in a similar vein. That’s a worthwhile book. Maybe not great holiday reading, but still great.

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