Flavours of India

When eating in an Indian restaurant I usually think of the bold statement Zadie Smith made in her “White Teeth”: She says Indian restaurants outside India offer food not to be found or eaten inside India…

Now if I am particularly unhappy about the “germanised” taste of deep frozen vegetables and stock cube to be found beneath the übercreamy curry-like surface of a meal in such a restaurant, I tend to think: Ha! Gotcha!
And I don’t return, except if my craving for “Indian” food forces me to and we have no time to cook.

There is an Indian restaurant in Tübingen, though, where I stop to care about the real thing the moment they serve their delicious meals. It seems to me they cannot do anything wrong: the vegetables are tasty and not overcooked, there is just about the right amount of cream involved and the food is spicy in a way that leaves my palate alive and kicking.

Thus we have spent many a nice anniversary there and we don’t mind driving 100 kilometres to get there, at least once a year. What we should do, though, is go to India one day and check it out on the spot(s)… Maybe when visiting my Plan goddaughter in Rajahstan?

9 responses to “Flavours of India

  • syco

    Indian food is so boring, so meatless.

  • alcessa

    Usually the choice of vegetarian meals is quite limited and everything else contains fish, lamb etc. ?

  • Robert

    Danke für den Tip! Ich verneige mich ebenfalls vor indischem Essen – nur viel zu selten: Habe bisher immer gut indisch gegessen, jenseits von Päcklessoß und Suppenwürfel…

    Einmal hat mir ein Moppedfahrer, so um die gut 70, erzählt daß er damals nach dem Abi mit ner BMW auf dem Landweg nach Indien gefahren ist – ‘das ging damals problemlos’ – und jetzt ‘überwintert’ er dort manchmal für ‘n Appel und ‘n Ei… träum …

  • Sunshine

    Have you heard anything about the Indian restaurant in Ljubljana? I’ve heard so much about exquisite Indian cuisine but I have yet to find company to go there.

  • alcessa

    Sunshine: unfortunately not, no. But what about locking someone to your wrist and going there to find out whether you could like it?

  • Sunshine

    I prefer company of people who enjoy my company, so forcing anyone doesn’t sound like a good option. 😉 Unless I would get a hint from someone who would like to be dragged around. 😀

  • alcessa

    Exactly. Some people LOVE to be dragged around, BELIEVE ME. 😀 😀

  • Sunshine

    Unfortunately that doesn’t help me find a victim. 😀 Anyways… when I get to go there I’ll tell you how it was. 😉

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