Weekend Report 2


That‘s how yesterday’s lunar eclipse, known as the red moon, appeared in my digital camera. It could be observed very well with binoculars, though. AND: I didn’t know there were so many surprised teenagers outside at this time of the night (“Did I miss something?”), trying to walk past the real camera without getting caught by it. 🙂


This is just some brand new spring… We two went for a walk today.




8 responses to “Weekend Report 2

  • Sunshine

    I went for a walk around midnight to observe the lunar eclipse. The problem were not surprised teenagers, but annoying street lights. But when I (we) finally found a path with no lights I was totally mesmerized. And the question appeared… Does that mean something? Will it be the beginning of a new era in our lives?

    And I would love to go for a walk today. The weather is absolutely beautiful outside, but I was sick in the morning and I dare not eat anything (meaning I’m very weak at the moment). Grrrr…

  • alcessa

    Sunshine, this is not the first time you mention this kind of trouble…? I hate such things, too 😦

    As to the street lights: it’s sometimes good to live in a smaller town 🙂 But we had those, too.

    Where do you go for a walk, if you can?

  • Sunshine

    Being sick (and throwing up – I hope you’re not overly sensitive to any word, connected with human “outputs” :mrgreen: ) happened twice in the last 2 weeks, which is very very odd to me. I always claimed that I have a stomach covered with rostfrei. 😀 Last time it was just that, this time it was added on top of sore, aching throat and huge lymphatic glands on my neck.

    It seems that I’m sick (that’s as bad as it gets), although I show almost no outside signs of the disease, which is quite common for me. A cold means one afternoon of occasional sneezes and a few used handkerchiefs and that’s it. Angina or virosis looks like what I have now – a day of weakness, sleepiness and enlarged lymphatic glands, which are a sign that my body is fighting on the inside.

    I go out or to bed with wet hair all year long, I go to get some fresh air in a totally sweaty shirt in the middle of a salsa party and walk around the flat without socks even in the winter. And nothing happens. 🙂 Am I weird or what?

    Well… I’m done with my monologue. 😳

    We have a house in the woods (literally – wood starts 2m behind the house) on Žirovski vrh, where silence is so intense, that you have to get used to it. Fireplace, mushrooms, blueberries, no street lights and so on… That’s where I get my fair share of nature when I need it. 😉

    When it comes to Ljubljana, we have some really nice paths by the Ljubljanica river here in Fužine. Plus Pot spominov in tovarištva, Golovec and Urh. That basically means that there is enough space to roam if you have some nice company. 😛

  • Christian

    Sieht so aus als hättet ihr auch schönes Wetter gehabt 😉

  • blümeli

    Hi alcessa,

    just wanted to say “hi”
    and to ask you
    how you were:
    “How are you?” 😉


  • alcessa

    Well: AAARRGHHHH…. !

    We played “Anno 7001” till 1.30 and then I remembered I’d better send some translations cause I may not get up so early today 😳

    I’ll be with you all some time soon…

  • alcessa

    Sunshine: No, I’m not squeamish at all. 🙂 And no, you are not weird, you are what is called young and strong… 🙂 🙂
    And yes: Ljubljana is very nice as far as nature and long walks are concerned. It is often enough to have a bike to get out of the city and there you will find all kinds of paths and hills… Nice.

    Melly: Thank you very much for asking, I’m OK though a bit stressed out (apart from having a lot of work, it is this time of the year again. I mean tax return time). I take it you are very busy, too? I’d have answered your Thomas Mann questions, the only problem is I didn’t know the first one so I googled, the second was too complicated to google, and anyway: I could not pretend I know the answer… 🙂

  • blümeli

    @ alcessa

    Hi Alcessa,

    wish you much energy for this busy time. Yes, it’s true, I’m busy as well.
    Thanks for googling regarding Thomas Mann.
    Maybe one day someone will find the answer. 😉


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