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One cannot, of course, talk about Yiddish without mentioning the Jewish Humor. As I am convinced the so-called Jewish Jokes are not really about the Jews but about the human condition itself, I am gong to tell you a “Yiddish joke” right here and right now. I can only recommend the site I borrowed it from, especially this Vocabulary is extremely funny. And do check the jokes about the famous Jewish Mother, they are about the general state of affairs, too:

Four Jewish ladies, at a resort in the Catskills, were in rockers on the veranda and admiring the scenery.
After a while the first woman sighed, “Oy!” The others sighed sympathetically.
Then the second woman sighed, “Oy Vey!”
The others nodded.
A third woman said, “Oy, Gottenyu!”
The others nodded as if in agreement.
Finally, the fourth woman said, “Enough talk about the children. Let’s go for a walk!”

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  • pengovsky

    A stammering Jew auditions for an anchor on a TV station. As he comes out of the building, a friends asks hiw whether he got the job. And the stammering Jew replies:

    “N-n-no… The-ey a-a-re a-a-all a bu-bunch of An-an-antisemites”

  • pengovsky

    P.S.: Naturally, feel free to delete the above comment if you or someone else finds it offensive. I know it’s not PC.

  • alcessa

    😀 I’d say we could also offer some variety, to prove my point these jokes are all about life in general:

    A stammering Serb auditions for an anchor on a Slovenian TV station. As he comes out of the building, a friend asks him whether he got the job. And the stammering Serb replies:

    “N-n-no… The-ey a-a-re a-a-all a bu-bunch of xe-no-no-phobes.”


    A stammering Slovenian auditions for an anchor on an Austrian TV station… 🙂

    But my favourite is this one (my version since I can’t find it anymore):

    A rich businessman visits the rebbe: Rebbe, I am very rich and yet I am so unhappy. Why?
    Rebbe says: Look through the window and tell me what you see.
    Businessman: Well, what I see, rebbe. I see trees, houses, children, people…
    Rebbe: Now look into this mirror and tell me what you see.
    Businessman: Why, I see myself, of course.
    Rebbe: You see, my son, that is how it is: A little bit of silver added and the only thing one sees is himself.

  • Willy The Ape

    Yiddish jokes are some of the very best jokes around!!! Here are a few joke videos.

    Matzo Balls

    I’m Getting Married

    One More Question

  • alcessa

    Thank you very much!

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