5 Objects I Hate the Most – Nr. 5

There were times I adored this object… It meant our phone bill didn’t punish us for heaps and heaps of sweet-nothingness that lovers do… doo-doo-doo… shooby-do. Between Ljubljana and Munich, the wires were hot, let me tell you. 😳

Nowadays, seeing it means my speedy-internet provider (NOT T-Com!) has some serious problems on the DSL-line to deal with and I have to resort to the good old, expensive, irritatingly slow analogue internet connection.

Nothing a lady should have to deal with! It means my former lover and present husband has to go through a lot of complaining ABOUT and not VIA internet …


(Those of you who noticed the corresponding chain-habit spreading among SLO-bloggers will know that this post is a reaction to people posting 5 of their most beloved objects. It was Marko Crnkovič who started the chain.)


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