5 Objects I Hate the Most – Nr. 3

I have already written about this object a few times before. But it is of a category no list of emotionally treated objects can do without.

A political dimension could be useful to start with: It is one of my deepest believes that any modern constitution should include two additional human rights: broadband internet and comfortable shoes.

Oh, the woes of a modern-day Cinderella shopping for shoes! They deserve a post of their own. This one is all about THEM: beautiful, soft-leather, dark red DocMartens boots. With two zippers. Stuff my daydreams were made of, as I had just realised at the sight of them.

A few months later, they were the stuff my day-mares were made of: even though I bought my size, which is 41, and even though they were obviously not made for tiny feet, my wonderful boots hurt me. And they got to do it lot: because I didn’t give up and wore them despite the pain setting in after an hour or so.

After some more time I put them away and bought the same ones in size 42. They are as wonderful as I originally thought such boots should be. But I haven’t had the heart to discard old ones: I simply wasn’t brought up to throw away useful things and they were really expensive. So what remains is despising them: for not fulfilling the promise they were making to me in that big, brightly lit shoe shop, for hurting me so consistently and for cluttering my storeroom.



8 responses to “5 Objects I Hate the Most – Nr. 3

  • Robert

    Is this above an instrument of torture? Try this 🙂 We have such beautiful weather…

  • alcessa

    I am.
    But summer is the right time to hate winter shoes, isn’t it?

  • DarkoV

    That is a lot of s-h-o-e-l-a-c-e t-y-i-n-g. I’ve tried buying Dr. Maarten’s here. Not possible, unless one has incredibly narrow feet. No wide feet allowed in their shows, I guess. But I love the Funky Clunky look.

  • DarkoV

    That would be “Shoes not “Shows”, although I’m sure you put on quite the show tying those shoes.

  • alcessa

    Darko: there are two zips pro shoe, no need to do the lacing whatsoever.
    So they ARE not really wide…? Funny. They tend to look like you could put two feet in…

  • Kaneli

    Oh, so beautiful shoes… no matter what it is written about them. They really look great. Though I would choose same ones in black. ”Za lepoto je treba potrpeti.” 😀

  • alcessa

    Kaneli: *whisper whisper*: I have them in black, too. 😳

  • DarkoV

    Nope, not over here on the other side of the world. Any of the Doc’s I tried had an immediate Vise of Death grip on my feet. Must be all of that barefooted walking I did as a Youth in the Land of Croats that had my feet evolving to the width of palacinke. I can only stare with envy at folks wearing the Doc’s here.

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