The Seven Random Facts Meme

I was tagged by the very Prince of Pertinence to write Seven Random Things about myself. I know I shouldn’t admit it*, but I did have fun choosing and writing them down. So here they are:

1. My glamour genes are all recessive. So even if I did try, I couldn’t convince you I have it in me to show even some ordinary, basic glamour. This means concretely that a) I don’t believe in gold jewellery and I don’t own much of it (apart from the 6 small earrings I always wear and The Ring of Power), actually, most of my jewellery consists of materials that don’t deserve to be mentioned; b) It also means that I own exactly one pair of high heels which I have even worn a few times in my life (since Mother Nature hath given me That Extra Half an Inch, unlike you, Victoria Beckham); c) My cosmetics do not take away much space, either, but they are not really cheap, because of my soft spot for all things carrying the prefix bio-, eco-, or being called organic; d) I do own a few bags, but I wear them only if I am sure that my beloved small rucksacks won’t do. My bags are all cheap and not worth mentioning.

2. My head is rather large and I seldom find a hat or a cap that would fit. What I mean is there are usually only a few items of headdress for men out there that I can wear, too. Basically, none of those fancy things aimed at little female heads will do. This wasn’t a problem till I decided I wanted to cover my head in summer, to protect it from the heat. In the end, I did find some caps and hats that fit, but only by coincidence and after having spent a lot of time searching.

3. I am a happy owner of a “reading pipe” which I smoke together with my hubby at special occasions, like birthday or after having paddled for some hours during our summer holiday. I hate smoking otherwise.

4. The only thing I seem to be really addicted to is reading. Especially if I am home alone, I will read everywhere. Yes, even while cleaning my teeth. It’s a short life, non?

5. My way of talking is actually the process of orally reproducing written language and introducing some “particles used in spoken language” into it, because I learnt about them. I spend so much time with written language forms every day that I cannot really do spoken languages. Yes, it does sound funny, depending on who I am talking to.

6. Upon getting married I got to keep my maiden name by coincidence. I wasn’t prepared for the question “Do you want your maiden name, a combination of both or your husband’s name or should your name be the future family name?” I mumbled something about needing some time to think and the registrar suggested I keep my surname and come back should I want to change it. I didn’t. Nothing wrong with some kinky public situations, like when two people with different surnames call each other husband and wife demonstratively, is it?

7. I have always lived with the feeling I should have written a book. Don’t ask me about what or why, I am definitely NOT going to write a book. First of all, I cannot write, I can only transfer other people’s words half-decently, if I am in the mood. Second, I would hate any book that contains parts of me, myself and I, since I am convinced a good writer will write about anything but herself/himself*. And of course I don’t have an idea, a story or enough discipline for real writing. All I have is the feeling I should have written a book. Like millions of other bloggers, I suppose.


Now I am supposed to ask 7 people to write about themselves. So, should you:






Position Female


care to divulge Seven Random Truths about yourselves and tag seven other bloggers to do the same, you have been friendly encouraged herewith to do so.

20 responses to “The Seven Random Facts Meme

  • Sunshine

    Wow, I’m doomed now. 🙂 Thanks for the honor though. 😉 Btw, this was a fantastic reading. I especially love the first point. 😛

    @ 2) I have exactly the opposite problem… My head is ridiculously small (narrow to be more precise). 😦 I need sunglasses for children and children’s hats and caps. 😳 Female thing’s don’t fit me.

    P.S. Is there a deadline for writing those 7 facts? I just published a lengthy (as always) post about yesterday’s Twingo afternoon and I don’t feel like writing another thing today. 😳

  • alcessa

    Don’t know about the deadline: I read Darko’s post on Friday (don’t know right now when he posted it) and reacted today, but I would have taken time till next week, if I had to… Also, I don’t think it’s good to write these things under pressure…

    And now I have to read your post, will you excuse me. 😀

  • Sunshine

    Of course I will. 😉

  • DarkoV

    Thanks very much for participating. This meme was especially personal so I was a bit clammy about sending it out to folks whose blog I read daily. Did not want to ruin a good thing, you know.

    While you may had a good time writing this entry, I just want to let you know that I, at least, had a great time reading it. The reading pipe was especially interesting. As far as your non-book is concerned, well you’re still quite a young ‘un; I’ll simply wait a bit longer……….

  • ervinator

    Hi, I’m flattered actually, but I really don’t believe in chain letters. If I am to write a staf like this, I would feel an enormous pressure. Therefore, I must not comply! 😉

    Nonetheless, I can tell you something about my Life Mission: I will integrate the knowledge of Statistics, Mathematical Programming and Astrology to build an intelligent system much more powerful than Orwell’s Big Brother. It’s gonna be a major world savior, since it will be impossible to misuse it for military purposes. It will make the World a better place to live! 🙂

  • Kaneli

    Thank you for tagging me. I will try to provide some stuff. 😉

    You have written interesting things. However, I will dare to add an opinion about writing. I have noticed that my plays would talk about me. Not directly, of course. Like the characters would reflect some parts of my inner life. I guess that just happens… first, I have this pretty much independent story in my mind. Then, some themes I am dealing with in my life would start to interfere.

    I encourage you to write a book one day! 🙂

  • ambala

    [Alcessa dared me! It’s a kinda truth or dare thing… only it’s actually both! ]…

    Here you go sweetie!

  • alcessa

    DARKO: the way you put it in your post, I could have easily said NO, if I wanted to and nothing would have changed. But I did find it intriguing enough. Also, I have so much work I need to stray away from time to time 🙂

    ERVINATOR: your wish is my command… Thanks for sharing the most important piece of your existence puzzle, though 😀

    KANELI: looking forward to it. About writing and including oneself into it: it is this that is bothering me. Everyone can make a list of things that describe him/her and then decide to leave it all out of their writing. But I would actually hate to include too much/anything of me between the lines. Go figure. You know, one of the reasons I like Zadie Smith is she writes about unrelated groups of people. She has to make them up.

    AMBALA: I’m one my way to you!

  • ambala

    1. too bad. I’m a fashion freak. Got 2 facial cremes, 6 parfumes… just call me gay, ok?
    2. have the same problem, though with the nose. Nothing fits!
    3. I smoke cigars. Here and there… Haven’t done that in more then a week. I might stop altogether.
    4. hear hear!
    5. I’m very oral 😛
    6. i have two names. who am i to complain. hehe
    7. i started on one… will never be finished… am crap!

  • had

    now i have to take some time to think 🙂

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  • Kaneli

    Okei! Done by me, too. 😉 It took some time, though.

  • Dajana

    haha, ta sedemka mi je pa všeč (sorry, da ne pišem po angleški, se ne morem komparirat z vami). Ja, vsi blogarji bi pisali knjige, pa so seveda preleni. Pa jaz tudi berem veliko, no ja, fčasih sen. Moja mama pa je imela kot otrok s svojimi petimi gešvister samo eno knjigo: Gospod in hruška. 😉

  • alcessa

    Dajana, sorry, sem te morala najprej rešiti iz spamfiltra (moj je pravi zmaj).
    Lenoba je čisto ta pravi izraz za to – pisanje namreč zahteva zelo veliko discipline, po mojem mnenju, sploh če si navaden povprečnež. Kar ne znam si predstavljati, da se večina ljudi vsede za PC, prebedi tri noči, pa ima knjigo, od katere lahko živi 3 leta. Ena znanka pravi, da je pisanje knjige neumnost tudi zato, ker jih toliko na koncu pristane na odpadu oz. pri dobrodelnih organizacijah, kjer jih potem nobeden ne kupi.
    Drugače pa pri meni fsakši lajko piše, v katerem jeziku hoče … 🙂

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  • Samuel L.

    If you ever want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

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