I Love Esme.

This is Esme, my new PC.

Fortunately, I don’t have time to describe my sentiments towards her into any detail.

But I think Office 2007 agrees with me as well.


UPDATE: For those of you who dislike such crass nudity, a full frontal view:

esme-front.jpg esme-front-open.jpg


19 responses to “I Love Esme.

  • pengovsky

    Sassy! 🙂 I love the way you can take a peek under her skirt 😉

  • alcessa

    Exactly! You got it! 😀

  • Disablez

    Metacrilato, sweet and soft metacrilato …
    Put specs and make me cry more.

  • alcessa

    Cry? Don’ cry. Why should you?

    Are you allergic on methacrylate?

  • Christian

    Sieht gefährlich nach Windowsmaschine aus 😉

  • DarkoV

    This picture is disturbing, exciting, and intriguing. All at the same time, I must note. Is this your modus operandi when meeting all new things, be they PC’s, canoes, or people? When you first caught sight of your husband, did you make him drop his drawers so you can evaluate the workings? If the plumbing was in disarray or showed lack of use, would your decision been other than to marry him? Your visual evaluative skills are quite disconcerning. I’m glad there is a large body of water seperating us; otherwise your techniques would have me trembling.
    …and why am I not surprised that the clothing-optional Mr. Pengovsky seems to need a cold shower after being introduced to your Ms. PC? Must be a Slovenian trait that the two of you have that the more demure Croatians have long ago evolved out of?
    ….and, yet…why the hesitation on your part, Alcessa, to show nothing but coy shadows of yourself on the blog. A bit of hair here, a viscuous view of your body there…. Yet you feel completely comfortable shedding Esme’s coverings.

    Simply cruel.

  • alcessa

    He he, Darko: water or no water between us, I love your comment. Just bear it.

    Now, as you have noticed, I use my blog to train myself in the Holy Art of Dropping Veils. And Picking Them Up Again.

    The reality would have been too cruel.

    Also: it turns out you are reading wrong blog posts on your way to determine Who’s Bad.

  • pengovsky

    @DarkoV: Using the word “demure” resulted in serious consequences, for which I hold you solely responsible. 😀

  • DarkoV

    Esteemed Mr. Pengovsky,
    The condition or state of Demure is related to something Alcessa has mentioned in her commentary, namely the Holy Art of Dropping Veils.

    You and I are, I believe, different in the mode of travel. I use the word “travel” in as broad a scope as is possible here. If going from point A to point Z requires a meandering path through B, C, etc, so be it. May the veils, though singularly shear, be in high numbers as the individual dropping of each veil is as the individual stopping in all the points between A and Z. The waylays along the trip makes the arrival to the final drop-off point all the more sensual.

    I gather from your youthful exuberance that speed is of the essence, but I suggest that comfort is more the methodology of a culminating arrival. And comfort always comes slowly.

    Mr. P, I think the slow path is the prize of the trip, not the trip’s destination.
    What say ye?

  • pengovsky

    I agree wholeheartedly, of course… Perhaps you and I are not all that different. The consequences I was reffereing to are positive in every and all aspects. Thus your responsibility shall be dully noted at an appropriate place (say…. ummmm… on Friday?)

  • DarkoV

    Mr. Pengovsky,
    The slowness of travel that I mentioned should not be construed as my acceptance of the Holy Czech Trinity method that you’ve so eloquently discussed on Michael’s post. I am in total agreement with you that the Trinity should be driven into the sea as quickly as possible.

  • pengovsky

    OK, so that’s the second time in a week that you gave me an awesome idea for my Friday’s post…

  • Sunshine

    Let me guess… Three Czech foxies? :mrgreen:

  • alcessa

    Cuddling together and not letting anyone overtake? 😀

  • DarkoV

    It’s good to see that the horrendous translation software problems that you’ve had have not slowed down the speed that your mind slams into the gutter.

    I like that in you; minimal separation between words and the Mythical Land of Lust.

  • alcessa

    Common, Darko, that is not me: I am just aping Pengovsky and also Sunshine all the time. 😈

    And it’s you who put those lovely 3 naked Czech foxies into the gutter, not me! I would have overtaken them, as you know.

  • DarkoV

    This marks the first time you’ve given me one of those Devilishly angry emoticons. I must be on the outskirts of some of your touchy areas.

    Yipes! Proceed with caution. I’ve got my flashers on. NO, Alcessa! Not these Flashers.

  • pengovsky

    @Sunshine: Shhhhhhhh! 😀

    @alcessa: You said it, sista!¨

    @DarkoV: The lady hast said it 😀

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