No Moose in the Hardangervidda, Norway

Our initial holiday destination this year was the largest Norwegian National Park, the Hardangervidda. Trying to cross Denmark as fast as possible, we reached Geilo the next day, after having spent the night in the tent somewhere near Malmö. I don’t care much for Malmö, actually. But the Hardangervidda, a mountain plateau in western Norway, is extremely beautiful. And cold, for that matter. And they decorate their roofs in a very interesting way.

We did some serious hiking there and I captured some enchanting scenes with my little camera, but I did also complain a lot. Why? Because there aren’t any moose in Norway! Yeees, I saw the signs, too, they are everywhere, but this is only a cheap trick to convince all those gaggles of tourists the kings of the Scandinavian forest actually exist. I haven’t seen any. We decided the moose in the zoos all around the country are actually surgically customized horses. And then I stopped looking for them. I haven’t been able to get up early enough for ages, anyway.

But the Hardangervidda in Norway is seriously and really truly beautiful (click for larger pictures):

hardangervidda-1.jpg hardangervidda-2.jpg hardangervidda-3.jpg


12 responses to “No Moose in the Hardangervidda, Norway

  • ambala

    wat a desertet country. WOW. I haven’t been to Norway yet.

    Moose problem, a? Perhaps they were all sleeping?

  • DarkoV

    Jeez! Those roads seem quite adventurous, especially when there’s such a (not!) plethora of safety barriers so you don’t fall off of the cliffs.

    As far as either the mis-leading advertising or simply the Dearth of Moose, seems to me you’ll need to go to Canada, or at least Maine, where they’re all around chewing on houses and things. I’m sure they’d really appreciate the Norwegian style roofed houses. In fact, cows would enjoy them as well.

    Any special name to that charming dashboard accessory that helped you make it around those helacious curves?

  • alcessa

    Darko: I did say with a noticeably threatening undertone I wanted to go moosespotting to Canada SOON. My hubby seemed to understand my distress…

    The only animals I have seen on those roofs were goats…

    Our driving companion in noone else but the Piglit (from Winnie the Pooh via McDonalds). We call him Ferkel, of course.

  • DarkoV

    Piglet (sorry, Ferkel), is certainly a more optimisitc fellow traveller than my favorite Winnie the Pooh character, Eeyore

  • alcessa

    Eeyore is your favorite 😀 ? Really 😀 ?

    Well, he is really an outstanding character, he is. Called I-Ah in German.

    I am a big fan of Pooh’s. Sometimes I automatically identify with him and then I am always ashamed of that 😳

  • DarkoV

    Yes, Yes. Eeyore is the one. Even a thimble of Happiness is too depressing to bear for the “jolly” fellow.
    He is stoic in his pessimism, which is rare these days, where people simply exercise excessive freedom of speech. A little less free talk, a lot less complaining, I think.

  • Tomeål

    Ilive in Norway, and i can assure you we hawe moose her. I met one the foptball-field nearby, and on the roads late in the summer at dusk/dawn.
    But remember they live in the forest, not in the mounten. In Hardangervidda you can meet reindeer.
    Welcom back to Norway anytime.
    Best regards
    Tom Repål

  • alcessa

    Hello, Tom, and welcome: actually, I know you have moose in Norway 😳 : I have seen some myself. I also saw a moose in Sweden, it is just that it I am very curious about them and would like to know so much about them, so I made a running joke out of it and tend to deny their existence – maybe to have more luck at spotting them next time. I didn’t know you have reindeer in Hardangervidda, though, thank you for the good news! I am sure we are going to spend some more holidays in Norway – it is simply to beautiful not to…

  • Julie

    I can see that this post is over a year old, but I came across it when googling Hardangervidda. My scottish boyfriend wants to go there, so I’m gonna have to do some planning… 😛

    It’s a shame you didn’t see any moose! 😦 I’m norwegian, and I see them all the time. 😛 They walk around in my garden… They also walk across the lake where I live… But like mentioned in a comment before, they don’t usually hang out in mountains. If you want to see moose, then you should try the area around Oslo Airport… Before the airport was built, this was the meeting point for moose in Norway, where they gather up and… Walk… 😛

    So yeah, try a little more to the east next time. 🙂 The prettiest natural scenery is on the west coast and to the north if you ask me, but you can do a lot over here aswell. If you like cities, then you should see Oslo. 🙂 Good luck with your moose spotting! 😛


  • alcessa

    Hello Julie,

    mmm, a trip to Hardangervidda… nice! 🙂

    As I said above, I did see moose in Norway, during our paddling tour a few years before, which is also where I would expect them, normally. This time, we stayed in Geilo and I thought we may see some somewhere around there, in the woods or shrubs – I always hope to see a moose in Scandinavia if I see a group of trees or shrubs, it’s in my nature 🙂 But basically, I didn’t expect them in the Hardangervidda, for obvious reasons.

    We’ve done Oslo already, it’s beautiful (!), but we tend to spend most of our time in the Great Outdoors. Which is why I will always complain for not seing any/enough moose. You have to understand this, o people of Norway and Sweden: we usually live in a tent, sneak around almost noiselessly in our boat or on foot at dusk and own good binoculars. What else do we need to spot a moose? Exactly, nothing!

    But you know what? Last year I found out they have moose in a small zoo near the place I live, in Karlsruhe, Germany. 😈 So I can watch them lying around as much as I wish.

  • Joachim from Norway

    I’ve seen quite a few mooses, but I highly doubt you’ll be lucky enough to observe one uneless you’re in Norway in winter, because then they turn to the human made roads to be able to cross distances faster..

    Love Joachim, from Norway.. My friend actually also ran into a moose with her bike! That was quite fun..

  • alcessa

    Hm, in winter … We’ll see. In winter we go birdwatching in North Germany.

    But the bike and the moose story: what do you mean, it was fun?!?!?!? What happened 😆

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