Coccinellids, Bugger Off, Willya?!

So I have often claimed the Nature, the Great Outdoors means everything to me. Or something similar. It does, they do.

As long as the Great Outdoors stays outdoors, that is. At least if existing in great numbers of tiny, cute and lovely beings, which are not only pretty but also most wanted, at least in certain parts of the world.

I am talking ladybugs. Ladybirds. Ladybeetles. Guys like this one:


(Photo by PD Photo. Thank you!)

Yeeesss, I know it is cute, too! In its aposematic way. And so useful! But tell me; if they all of them decided to overwinter in your bedroom, wouldn’t you wonder whether you, perchance, do not tend to sleep with your mouth open?!? And whether they sleep while you sleep?!? And also: how will I know when their springtime arrives and they decide to spawn out lovely… larvae?

So they had to go. Though I am sure there are still some left. Mating away and sleeping is my guess. I’ll let you know should we be forced to open a small, private Ladybird Zoo in spring. Or would that be a Terrarium?

7 responses to “Coccinellids, Bugger Off, Willya?!

  • ambala

    We had them in our Amsterdam apartment… very funny. I liked it, though there was about 50 of them… They bring luck, don’t they?

    Well I got bitten by one once in Hungary. I guess a hungry ladybird…

  • alcessa

    Bitten?!? 😯 You got bitten by a ladybird?

    Actually, I like them, too. I didn’t know much about them and had to check in Wikipedia, whether they could be called a nuisance. So, you know, we thought we would leave them overwinter above the window and all. But then I got worried – what if they do this and that, so I put them out and they flew away.

    Once I woke up to a room full of bats, in Ljubljana. We had to catch every single one of them and throw them out – they wouldn’t fly away on their own, through the open window. I felt like a witch and I disliked them, because they smelt of all things dirty in Ljubljana…

  • ambala

    Yeah, bitten. My reaction exactly! Was completely flabbergasted!
    Well we had them in the whole winter above the windnow and they didn’t “do” anything. Were hardly noticed actually. Also did not fly aboout the flat in a frantic fashion. 😉

  • alcessa

    Oh. 😦 So I needn’t have…

  • ambala

    Well, if it makes you feel better, that you did have to do it 😉

  • alcessa

    They did fly around when I turned on my reading lamp, so I thought this won’t do. Luckily, we had some really warm weather, the day I expelled them, so they had time to fly somewhere else.

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