For The Very Last Time


OK, this was it. I’d love to post some more this year, but this girl’s got things to do and places to be. Meaning we will be leaving on Tuesday and stay away for a few days. I may switch on comment moderation then and I will certainly stop existing, virtually. Not yet, though.

First of all, THANK YOU all for visiting, reading, commenting or keeping quiet. Though I don’t really spend much time in the blogosphere (this girl’s got…) I do like it there. Erm, HERE. A lot. So thank you for being a part of here.

I really hope you are going to spend some NICE TIME with NICE PEOPLE, before the gray January sets in. Do not exaggerate with new year’s resolutions, though.

Wanna find out about mine?

I have decided not to attend any bloggers’ meetings next year.

I may change some parts of my blogroll and I would like to get to know and read some more bloggers.

I won’t be shopping for clothes as much as this year, especially not on the internet.

I will try to work a bit less and spend some more time outdoors. Pubs count as outdoors, too.

I am going to go to the hairdresser’s a few times, to keep my present hair-length.


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