A Certain Proof Times Are Changing: A Cake.

I decided to make a cake straight after my first blogmeet: the lady blogger I met a week ago for the first time brought some plums and apples (Great choice to make a moose happy, thank you!) and afterwards, I couldn’t get rid of this mental image of a lovely autumn plum cake. Well then.

Since it is my husband who’s a cake lover here, I wanted to make it when he’s not away, which is why I had to put the plums into the freezer for a week and wait for his business trip to end. I don’t put fresh fruit into the freezer if I can avoid it, but the image was still there, so.

Yesterday I finally found some time to make my plum cake: I googled for a recipe and printed it out. I used ghee instead of butter and less of it than required: Also, I added brown sugar and my favourite whole grain flour instead of their white relatives… It’s not that I want to become a kitchen saint, it’s the taste. Oh, and: I took real Bourbon vanilla. (I guess this makes me kitchen posh after all.)

My hubby had then (19.59 PM) been informed per e-mail there’s a cake waiting for him (Surprise!).

RETROSPECTION: None of the above was happening this way when I was a child, a country bumpkin in the east, helping my Granny make cakes and other sweet stuff. It was something completely different then.


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