An Unexpected Update

Most of the dreams I manage to remember in the morning are simple stories having to do with woods and animals, with a dreadful atmosphere or other vaguely expressed unpleasant aspects of a flat or a room I have just rented, often enough, a dream will feel like a completely foreign real-life story, detached from my experience – it can be a bit stressful to find a different real life waiting for you in front of your bed in the morning.

My dreams don’t tend to be focused on specific objects, equipment, furniture or similar. There may be a car, a city, a book, many other things, but they are just unimportant gadgets, one could call them timeless since I have known them for all of my (real) life, and they are placed somewhere on the fringes of my dreams while I seem to be busy moving: running, walking, being driven, flying…  or thinking deep thoughts I won’t remember in the morning and which will make me feel all philosophical without any real issue to continue philosophizing about.

Given my dream history the shift in the content and in the angle did come as a surprise: last week dreamt I had to restart my PC in the protected mode to save my files. 😆

Even worse was the dream a few days after I had obviously rescued my precious files: I dreamt we had moved to a new place only to find out there was no internet connection available there. I spent the rest of my dream searching for the appropriate wall socket, complaining about the lack of it incessantly – you can imagine my relief in the morning, when I found out my beloved internet was actually still there.

What next? Dreams about the correct configuration of a hardware or the best settings for a software?


3 responses to “An Unexpected Update

  • Kitty

    Že iščem ikono za backup!

  • alcessa

    😆 Jaz imam kar dva računalnika in stvari vsak dan shranjujem na USB-ključu, eksternem disku in vsake toliko tudi na DVD-jih.
    Večinoma se sama sebi zdim neumna stara baba zaradi te ubitačne previdnosti, razen ko mi crkne računalnik. Takrat se žvižgajoč in z iskricami v očeh preselim na ta drugega in nadaljujem z delom, ko da nič ni prišlo vmes. Pri tem sem tako ponosna nase, da me ni za prenašati 😆

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