Just Another Manic Funday

“Oh. So you’ll be screaming from time to time, like the other day, I guess?”

“I might,” I admit freely while they are marching onto the field, ready to sing. “I guess I will. But I’ll be working, too, because I get too nervous watching nowadays and the adrenaline seems to be spurting from just about everywhere, so it should be OK for you to stay here and do your thing.”

“No problem, I just wanted to know, so that I am ready” says my German non-football watching sweetheart of a husband and starts his flight simulator.

Four minutes later I am screaming for the first time. From that moment on we both  try to pretend we are doing something else apart from watching and discussing football and when it is all over I cannot stop laughing.

Yeah, well. Even Angie was happy, so. Maybe it is a good sign.

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