Indiska Makes My Day

A month ago, we were staying in Gothenburg and of course I also went shopping there, what else did you expect … 🙂

I found two lovely dresses at my beloved Indiska, but I wasn’t in the mood to try them on – a bit sweaty and tired as I felt. So I just bought what I thought must be the right size and left them in the car for the rest of our time in Sweden.

Since none of our tents has mirrors … 🙂

Yesterday, I remembered I had stowed the dresses away after our arrival home: there was so much to do after that I simply forgot them.

And what else can make a sick empress happy if not new clothes? 🙂

So I put on a pair of high heels and my new Indiska dresses, for the very first time. Yesterday.

I love them.

Hand-dyed organic cotton

White-on-blue For A Flower Girl

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