A … Dialogue

Björn and Desiré

– Björn, älskling ?

– Yes, käresta?

– Why don’t you stop pretending you’re looking for food? I mean, it is a well-known fact we are going to get some from those nice employees of the Kolmårdens Djurpark Society at precisely 14.30 hrs, just like every day?

– Yeah. But you know, Desi, it’s just that I’ve been thinking.

Tänka? 😯 Like… racking your brain and stuff? But why?

– Well, they do bring us food every day. But they also let in tourists in their cars, and they are then allowed to drive around, make photos and enjoy a real safari feeling. I guess it is those people who pay for our food, don’t you think so? And if they never see us do anything, if they aldrig get to see how HUGE we really are, they may stop coming and tell everyone it’s not worth it!

– Oh? OK. So you do the job and I will be present in my function as … Her Ursal Majesty Lady Bear. Lying in the grass as ladies should.

2 responses to “A … Dialogue

  • Sandra


    Človek ima res mešane občutke do raznih safarijev. Grozno te mikajo in seveda greš, ampak vseeno se malo bedno počutiš, ane?

  • alcessa

    Ja. Sem neskončno radovedna glede živali, moja osebna potreba po svobodi pa je tudi ogromna in jo zmeraj pripisujem tudi drugim živim bitjem. Da ne govorim o tem, da ne maram biti objekt za opazovanje…

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