A Monologue.


Yeah, well … what are you looking at?! Me?!? … I know I know,  the time is right again … maybe I’ll make it on Wednesday.

It just doesn’t seem to be that simple nowadays to get to the Hairkiller’s as soon as necessary … That’s my hairdresser’s … I mean: my featherkiller’s … Yeah.

Fat?!? I ain’t gotten fat, let me tell ya! ….There was summertime and living was easy. Insects were, like, jumping, and the grass was dry.

It’s almost autumn now, you’ve noticed, haven’t you. So I am building up my protective attire all over again…

Yeah, to protect me from the rain, what else, when I’ll be singing in it … As I am supposed to, apparently.

Anyway: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just wrong feathers. Keep that in mind.

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