All I want for Christmas is a pyramid…

And this is not a coincidence, neither is it one of those illogical wishes.

See, I already have one: a handmade Erzgebirge Christmas Pyramid, approximately 12 years old.

It’s just that I have burned its wings and then lost some of them.

And I would also like to have a bigger one.

We don’t do Advent wreaths, we don’t do Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, mistletoe or holly, Santa Claus or Reindeer…

But we do like to lean back and watch the shadows the candles on a Christmas pyramid will throw on the walls and the ceiling.

It’s just that I need to watch out and not let it burn down again.

I read somewhere Erzgebirge Christmas decorations (arches, candle-holders, figurines, pyramids, nutcrackers…) are nowadays also made in China and sold for what amounts to nothing.

Well, I don’t want those cheapos from China: if we buy a real pyramid, I’ll take care it survives a few winters 🙂

The owner of this photo is Sabine Tilgner, Tilgner Pyramiden

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