Anyone … else out there?

What to do with a poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) after Christmas, I wonder? I’d really like to rescue mine from its decorative mini pot and keep it, but I have no idea whether it will like me well enough to allow itself to be rescued successfully by me.

What I really like doing well enough, is washing the dishes. Or, cleaning my shoes. With a really good shoe polish. And admiring them afterwards. Like, with a shoe polish containing beeswax. And admiring them afterwards.

Yeah, and sleighing. What I really like doing, is sleighing. We definitely need to go this winter. You know, it’s a winter sport for ski-and-skate dodgers. Grannies with jungle bells. Scarves, legwarmers and big bouncy beanies.

Even more so, if I, me or myself should ever find out how to keep my and similar scarves and pullovers from generously shedding their precious natural wool fibres all around the world. In every cranny. And on my black winter coat. Threaten them with a “polyester-only” shopping policy? Mention Children in Africa?

Yes. No!

– – –

Am I philosophizing? No, I am simply actively expressing my appreciation of our modern times, sans irony and stuff. Freedom of speech, even if a little bit incoherent. Especially the incoherent parts. Grand thoughts and visions in plain sentences…

– – –

Nope. Just tea 🙂 and orange juice.

It’s the Mood. I still dare to eat a peach.


9 responses to “Anyone … else out there?

  • Sandra

    What about parting you hair behind? Maybe then you will hear the mermaids sing.

  • Susan

    Defintely keep the Weihnachtsstern. I don’t know why people throw them out — they’re lovely all year round. The new leaves they get are an amazing fresh bright green, and if you keep them in a darkish place as of November, they’ll turn red again.
    See here for care advice (although I never cut mine, they thrive anyway).
    Susan in Berlin

    • alcessa

      Susan, thank you. I agree with you: plants are not for throwing out … I was wondering whether I should fetch a normal-size pot and some good soil and give it a try, the point of my uttermost concern being: are brightly-coloured Christmas poinsettias pampered bitches that die as soon as the Magi have done their job or would this one stay for a little longer? Especially, since we have west-side windows only.

      So, yes, I am going to give it a try.

  • Tina.

    I, known as a plant killer (seriously, there were times when I couldn’t keep a cactus alive), bought a poinsettia years ago. And I kept it alive four four years! It died a few months after a moved to Texas, even though my mom followed the same watering routine. Go figure!

  • lili

    alcessa, ti pa dobre volje, ane? sem se prav fino zabavala ob branju zadnjih postov. 🙂
    najbrž veliko delaš in je zato posledično čutiti ‘high spirits’ 😉

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