Eating Insects = Saving the World?

I do know what cooked insects smell like. Nope, I haven’t been to any of the exotic countries where ants, dragonflies, locusts, spiders, tarantulas, crickets, worms, scorpions … are a part of the local cuisine.

But during one of our visits to our local Reptilium in Landau we found out they were cooking insects.

The smell was terrible, they didn’t look edible and not even the chocolate coating made it any nicer.

Obviously, I don’t have a problem with people eating insects: in my humble opinion, there is no difference between eating snails, tripe, cats, worms, steaks or sushi.

It’s just that they really don’t smell or look like something that could contribute to saving the world in Europe, though the proponents of this kind of meat consumption are claiming insects could feed the world and cause no impact on Earth’s climate at the same time … Who would want to catch and eat the little climate rescuers despite their obvious Yuck! factor?

On the other hand, eating insects could become a brand new, popular test of courage, like tattoos and piercings. No? 🙂


2 responses to “Eating Insects = Saving the World?

  • Spina

    Oh, sem prebrala naslov in mislila, da sta najini dieti našli stično točko (poleg zelenjave) 😉 Pol pa nč, no. (Mimogrede, nisem še jedla insektov, ampak ne vidim razloga, da jih ne bi. Razen če bi bili zelo zanič.)

    • alcessa

      Mogoče jih kje v Berlinu tudi ponujajo, na kakšni prireditvi? Pač probaš. V Reptiliumu so nam povedali, da je proizvodnja črvičkov, čričkov, kobilic in vsega drugega cela industrija, ki oskrbuje lastnike plazilcev & Co. Vsa ta hrana mora ustrezati strogim pravilom in biti zdrava, zato jo ponujejo tudi svojim človeškim gostom.

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