Another Selfmade Bag

Sometimes, when I have been working really hard and really long hours, I need some creative activity to balance things. Also, my mind produces best creative ideas when I actually need it to busy itself with my work 😈

So it doesn’t really matter that this is the umpteenth bag I made myself out of old jeans: it’s not the bags I crave, it’s the process.

I did make this one small, though (about 10 x 13 cm):

2 responses to “Another Selfmade Bag

  • Tina.

    Nice! When I’m the busiest, my mind just wants to get on the couch and read for pleasure (or watch TV series on DVD). 😀

    • alcessa

      🙂 Screens won’t do in my case cause they remind me of my monitor too much … and when I’m BUSY I don’t have the inner peace required for reading. I need to DO something… Often, I clean things (yeah :twisted:)

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