What An Impact

There’s an area where I let myself be influenced very easily, but then, I could argue that’s not my fault. I am talking about dreams, of course. While I am old enough to know there’s no use trying to control just about everything as some things are out of my control, I have become quite able to dream myself telling me it’s all just a dream, which I think is sort of trying to control it all. Apart from the fact that I know everyday stories will influence me very strongly.

Sometimes, these are stupid, like Kate & Wills getting married*. But sometimes, I choose them deliberately, like now, when I am reading a collection of American short stories, one per night. You know, short stories tend to be condensed, tell something significant and memorable and have a beginning and an end. Which is why my brain obviously loves to process them. In the night. Last night, I read a particularly good one.

But I don’t remember my exact dreams, which might be OK ….

* I don’t think they were stupid for getting married or that they are stupid in any other way. I think it’s a stupid idea to dream about a royalish wedding ceremony after having watched the whole ceremony and gazillions of pictures in real life. Basically, this amounts to my mind being stupid.


2 responses to “What An Impact

  • majcha

    Moram priznati, da trenutno z velikanskim veseljem prebiram svojo prvo knjigo kratkih zgodb. Zaenkrat sem očarana. Nekatere res zadanejo – k kladu. 🙂 Berem pa Takšen kot si (Roald Dahl). Sanjam jih pa ne. 🙂

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