A Good Tourist’s Re-Fashion

Don’t know whether you know that but … I do like to buy a touristy T-shirt or two when on holiday and recently, I have even been re-fashioning them.

The most simple procedure for getting a nicer T-shirt out of your holiday purchase consists of 3 steps, which are (according to this Moose):

  • buy a T-shirt that’s too large
  • cut off the narrow neck and make it larger, then seam it
  • use 2 short pieces of elastic to make sleeve frills (you can frill the whole sleeve or just a part of it)

Don’t know about you, but I prefer my T-shirts this way:

Some of you may already know what I am wearing here are drawings by the famous Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson and the trolls on my tees are her beloved Moomins

Anyway: Finland.

Since I am so VERY impressed by most of the things we saw and experienced during our holiday, I am going to write and write and write about them in the days to come. Also,  I have been updating my flickr album for you to see.

Stay tuned …


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