Urwelt-Museum Hauff

Have a look at the contents of this lady fossil’s inside, will you:

If you look carefully you’ll find out she must have had at least three living beings in her tummy, because one can see their spines (click for the larger picture).

Well, actually, this was an ichthyosaur mum pregnant with five babies when she died and sank to the bottom of the Jurassic sea, poor with oxygen and eager to fossilize her.

You can already see how much I enjoyed our trip to the Hauff Museum of the Prehistoric World, can’t you. It is a very elegant, very interesting and informative museum and a pleasure to stroll through. Also, they had the clever idea to banish their plastic dinosaurs into a lovely garden, so that kids can play around them as much as they please while adults are enjoying fossils inside 🙂

For example ammonites. I quite like me some ammonites. This one was eaten up by a ganoid-scale fish which then got stuck inside, unfortunately …

See? Don’t play with your food, that’s what it amounts to …

One of the most spectacular fossils to be seen in the Museum is a 18 m log, swarming with sea lilies. It took them 18 years to prepare the huge display of those lovely fossilized marine animals found in the area.

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