Cross-Country Cycling

This is going to be one of those days I am going to actively cherish the fact that the European Union with its lack of confining borders exists.

It’s Saturday, September has begun two days ago and we’re supposed to have 32 °C on this sunny day. Time to get out our steel horses and see what our friends Ze French are doing on such a nice day.

The trip to the Rheinstetten ferry is 16 km long and nice. On the ferry, there are many cyclists, bikers and trikers, must be because this bi-national region is so full of nice views and good cycling paths you cannot just ignore them on a nice day like this. 

Our first short stop is Neuburg in Rhineland-Palatinate, which is just across the Rhine, then Berg, where we watch buzzards, then Lauterbourg, which is already in France.

We stop in the centre to take some photos and then we ride on to Le Rhin, hoping to get a table in a restaurant there. We do, but not in the shady garden. It’s actually a funny restaurant: they offer frog legs, lobster, foie gras and whatnot and all of it in three languages, but most people eating there at this time of the day are cyclists, alone or in pairs. That’s right: people in padded cycling shorts and sweaty T-shirts eating lobsters before continuing their ride into the bright September sunshine.

We relax, seeing we are no different than the rest and we order a chèvre on salad and toast. It is way too hot for real food. Luckily, the salad is good, the way we like it.

Afterwards, we ride back to the ferry, joke with the friendly girl collecting the fee and ride back home.

5 and a half hours, 40 kilometres, 3 regions, 2 countries and 1 unbelievably lovely day. 2 B repeated.


(la mairie)

(Restaurant Au Bord Du Rhin)

8 responses to “Cross-Country Cycling

  • Tina.

    Sounds like a perfect day.

  • Techka

    I didn’t know you are living in that beautiful region. Nice.

    We spent a really nice week at beginning of May in Hainfeld (Pfalz region), which is a little bit northern (as you probably know already) of where you are living (as I saw on map). I envy you a little bit. 🙂 ‘Cos those cities and villages… they are so lovely and magnificent. You simply must fall in love with them.

    And from your description, I believe it really was a perfect day.

    • alcessa

      Wow, such fabulous photos you 2 made there 😯 …

      Should you care about reptiles and haven’t been to Landauer Reptilium yet, allow me to recommend it.

      We especially like the Pfälzer Wald – it is great for hiking.

      And I am going to show my hubby Simon’s photos now 2 convince him we need to go to Hainfeld… THX.

  • Techka

    Nja, those photos are my boyfriend’s. I am only an amateur. 🙂

    When I showed him your comment, he was very proud.
    And, did those photos convince your hubby to go there?

    Next time we will try to visit Landauer Reptilium. Thanks for the idea.

    • alcessa

      He should be proud 🙂 as it is.

      And yes, my hubby says Yes to all.

      It is funny, though, that we haven’t heard of Teufelstisch before – my French teacher did mention Fleckenstein, but I didn’t google it, so my wish to go there is also the consequence of your BF’s photos 😀

      OK, so we won’t win a medal for knowing our part of the world soon :-), but I do agree most of it is beautiful…

  • Techka

    I am sure you will enjoy there… 🙂

  • Bimbo

    Chouette, ce petite histoire… 🙂

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