I Don’t Care If Monday’s Blue.

One could call this a … Wedding Anniversary Sport and Food Festival?

On Saturday, we went cycling to France again, but this time we added some 10 kilometres and we ate Flammkuchen in Seltz. Everything else was as gorgeous and beautiful and wonderful as last Saturday. *sigh*

On Sunday, we cooked together. Well, we pretended we were chefs exercising our haute cuisine skills or something. Pictures to be published soon.

And yesterday, we went paddling. Yes, we went paddling on a Monday, hoping everyone else will stay at home and let as crawl along the small lake undisturbed. Well, you cannot keep windsurfers at home on a day like this, but otherwise, we were quite alone …

Since this week has thus begun on a Tuesday, maybe it will be easier to “survive”, despite the fact I have LOADS of work and my husband will be gone for 3 days …


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