A Hat! A Hat!

As I confessed to my Slovenian readers last time, I had made myself a hat that is too small for my head (it also has faults, this being my first ever selfmade hat):

Of course I didn’t throw it away – I use it to store my ever growing bamboo socks collection.

At that time I also promised to try again and succeed the next time, which was 10 days ago.

I chose quite a different material, I followed Tina‘s instructions very faithfully and what came out looks good, IMHO:

Since M suggested last time I also publish a photo of myself with my hat on, I would like to fulfil her wish today:

What was that?!?!? Did I hear you say NEAH!?!? 😆 😆 😆

Well, it seems I need to work on my … dimension problems. Like: grow a larger head. 

But at least our Norwegian moose got a new house:


17 responses to “A Hat! A Hat!

  • http://tinasurfazavas.blogspot.com/

    Ahahhhaaaa! Lušna!
    Mogoče ga pa v stroj vržeš, če nisi materiala že prej na visoki temperaturi oprala?

    • alcessa

      Joj, da nisem pomislila na to 😳 Namesto tega sem kupila večjo količino blaga po zelo znižani ceni, da lahko po mili volji treniram. Ampak krčenje v pralnem stroju … Moram res probat…

  • majcha

    No, v tretje gre rado. 🙂
    A je morda možu prav?
    Vsekakor pa losu čisto paše. 🙂

  • Bimbo

    1. Bamboo socks? Never heard of. What’s next – oak underpants, a maple woderbra? 😉

    2. Some progress. From a moderately fancy hat with gay lining to a dull retired person’s head cover. Fortunately it turned out to fit better the pets than the author höchstpersönlich. 😈

    • alcessa

      Bamboo socks are for people who actually WALK, you know.

      Since nothing about me suggests retirement, I need to undertake some efforts to prevent all the world and his wife wanting to make babies with me. So I choose dull colours 😈

  • Bimbo

    Sorry, ought to spell wooderbra.

  • Sandra

    Nice haircut! It really does your ears. No need to wear a hat.

    • alcessa

      Yeah. 😈 Well, when the proverbial Marmot has finally managed to wrap up the proverbial chocolate, I might change.

      Erm: the haircut, that is. It’s tickling my nose, you see.

      (actually, what I have been hiding today are my glasses. See, I bought new, expensive ones 4 months ago. A week ago I realized someone must have scratched both glasses, an unknown person and a bloody bastard at that. So while I have been paying through the nose for the second time, I am forced to wear my old Lennons. Sort of Lennons, only that I look older with them.)

  • Sandra

    Oh, than you do need a hat after all. Luckily you have got one. A beautiful one.

  • M

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa, hvala za smeh dneva 🙂

    Ampak imam boljšo idejo – res 🙂

    Ker ti je (oh, ne no, a čist res :)) prevelik, bi notranjost obdala z lepo podloženo (debelo) tkanino, ala oblečeno peno recimo … tko, da ti toplota pride lepo čez ušesa, sprednji del klobuka z enim fletnim modnim dodatkom (recimo eno tekstino rožco ali nečim nakvačkanim ali s čim iz fimo mase) pripneš na zgornji del klobuka in imaš mega topel klobuk za zimo … pa mi pokaži frajlo, ki ima tko strašen klobuk za zimske čase 🙂

    • alcessa

      Me veseli, da si se nasmejala 😀

      Pozimi v bistvu ne nosim klobukov … Imam namreč kapuco iz flisa, ki je dovolj velika. Resnično ga potrebujem samo poleti, za veslaške ali ornitološke izlete v naravo, za zaščito pred soncem in to. Pa barva mora biti takšna, da se me ptiči ne prestrašijo…

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