Confusing, Confusing, This Weather Is

I give up: “Will you please tell me whether it is cold in here or not?”

He’s surprised: “Well, it is not exactly cold, but it is not hot, either. You do know we have 6° outside?”

I didn’t know that. All I knew was our flat had gotten colder since last weekend, but in a way I couldn’t pin down. Should I turn on the heating or put on a sweater? After having done my 14,5 kilometres on the treadmill, I felt hot and regretted having turned on the heating. But after having watched 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica afterwards, I grabbed for one of the fleece blankets lying around should we ever need them. I do now.

Summer’s so much easier to grasp and deal with, isn’t it?


13 responses to “Confusing, Confusing, This Weather Is

  • Kaneli

    V Helsinkih je vceraj zvecer grmelo in bliskalo (!), danes pa imamo sonce in 9 stopinj. V Sloveniji menda snezi. 😛

  • PF

    Meni je bilo všeč kislo vreme le zjutraj, ker je grmelo. Obožujem treskanje. Potem pa… pust’mo stat. :S

    • alcessa

      Ja, treskanje je vsaj vznemirljivo 🙂 Vse drugo pa me trenutno …. usssssssssssssssssspava … Pa skoz bi se ovijala v deko in kuhala juho. JAO.

  • Techka

    Jap, v Sloveniji je danes snežilo – ponekod bolj, drugod manj. Se je pa res precej shladilo…

    Ampak vsaka stvar je za nekej dobra in tudi to je –> kmalu bomo lahko smučali!!!

    • alcessa

      Tisti, ki znate smučati … Taki, ki po snegu samo hodimo vandrat in imamo doma le sanke, smo malo manj navdušeni. No, razen nad dejstvom, da bo v naše kraje najbrž spet prineslo vse žive vandrave ptiče 🙂

  • Bimbo

    When in doubt about the temperature try to consult your thermometer. Although its exact information can never beat the comforting unexact reply of a good husband. 😆

    • alcessa

      Thermometer Schmermometer 🙂 Mostly, it is of no use. I am well able to feel hot or cold at, for example, 19 °C, so it doesn’t make sense for me to check the exact temperature, even more so, since my hubby’s sense for warmth/cold is quite different than mine. That is, themometer is useless most of the year but of course not in winter. The problem is, we don’t have winter yet and I live in the Rhine valley, which means I get warmer weather than the rest. So I don’t start caring about themometer already in October, for Universe’s sake!

  • Bimbo

    You’re right. A thermometer is of no use to a moody babe. 😈

  • Bimbo

    Look, dear, I am an elderly man (no beeps here) and do not fancy changes unless they are really neccessary and well justified. But it’s your blog after all, so do as you wish, by all beasts.

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