His -> Hers, 4 Times Over

What a nice way to celebrate October turning into November!

Refashion every day, that was my idea.

After having changed my hubby’s shirt into a blouse last time, I decided it could use some more changes to look better, so I made a different collar.

I also dyed 3 other shirts he gave me and spent loads of time trying to find out how to refashion them appropriately.

To be honest, all of it was stressful, because I haven’t done anything like that before and had to do things a few times over to do away with mistakes, but it is still a … rewarding hobby.

If it needs to be done slowly and with lots of planning, stepping back, thinking hard, swearing at the machine and at oneself and re-doing things the next day, so be it. I am not in a hurry.





2 responses to “His -> Hers, 4 Times Over

  • Nina

    Sem ti obljubila, da te obvestim o svojih šivalnih podvigih: zaenkrat sem moško S majico pomanjšala na žensko S 😀
    Skačem od navdušenja, ker je zadeva kljub nakrivljenim šivom videti dosti bolje kot prej 😉 (no, saj si menda lahko predstavljaš, kako so videti tiste tapoceni “tiskarske” majice v originalu, ane 😀 )

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