A Problem Solved Is A …

For those of you who hadn’t noticed: I hadn’t been to my hairdressers’ for a long, long time. Like: 5 months.

And then, last Friday, this ad appeared in our house: a hairdresser offering to visit her customers. All I ever wanted!

At first I was excited but then I started to also think: am I really going to invite an unknown person into our flat to cut my hair even though I’ve always been happy with my hairkillers?

Suddenly, it didn’t feel like a good idea at all. So I finally went to my beloved hairkillers: I didn’t have much work to do anyway.

I had to wait for an hour or more, but since this is one of the two opportunities I read Brigitte, Bunte, Cosmopolitan & Co. (the other being at the dentist’s) I waited patiently.

My Friday’s hairkiller was as nice as always and I was satisfied with the result.

Don’t know if I ever left with such long hair before … 😯

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