First I find myself in a rickety escalator with only three out of formerly four walls, descending from a great height with a breathtaking speed and I am loving it … Next thing I climb over some tables in a restaurant in a shopping centre, vertically, like on a ladder, I am stepping onto other people’s dining tables, one by one, and they don’t mind, since I am obviously in a hurry and there’s a purpose to my rudeness.

Last thing,  I find myself on a busy urban street and walking like your normal person and it would seem I want to find a H&M store that’s still open.

When the clock radio wakes me with slow classical tones, I feel very much alive, rejuvenated and satisfied. What a great dream it was: dangerous, full of movement and excitement. And also contained there was an undeniable wish for … shopping. 😆

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  • Bimbo

    Ja, it looks you’re gonna have a bloody hard time to keep your promise to restrain yourself from shoppin’ cloth things. One year is helluva lots of time… 🙂

    • alcessa

      Well, I love to keep my hubby laughing so I might stage a few scenes of … sartorial sufferance in the near future.

      But, as your wife might confirm, there is no such thing as a woman “with something to wear”, ever, so I will be trying to lead a life without … sartorial infinity, for a year. (At the same time, I will try to study again (distance courses) if they want me and I might discover a different, more substantial infinity there …)

      • Bimbo

        If your claim about women really held water, the Bild & al would have great difficulty choosing their largest photos. 🙂

        By the way, when I grab the word sartorial – which you obviously cherish – in my browser and choose translation with Bing into French, I get a very nicely sounding and interesting word: dévergondage.

  • Techka


    (čeprav je eno leto res dolga doba) 🙂

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