All Caught Up And Ready To Watch

Moi: “D’you think we could, like, skip the groceries trip on Friday and do it on Saturday instead?”

Hubby: “Yeah, why not. Any special reason?”

Moi, with purple face: “I want to watch The Voice?” 😳

I kid you not: unable to stand the beginning of this damn January I rationally decided I needed some entertainment. And music’s always the best choice as far as I am concerned. Apart from workout. Cinema’s okay, too, but some cheesy pop is always good.

Yeah, so the talents competing for the title The Voice of Germany are usually singing songs I consciously try to avoid by listening to serious radio stations like SWR 2 or Deutschland Radio Kultur.

But where there’s suffering, there’s the way. So far and as you know by now, I have enjoyed Pamela & Percy a few times, I have also been checking Percy again and again, but right now it seems to me Behnam‘s the one. Well, he’s the only one whose songs I bought on iTunes, anyway.

Then there’s Max Giesinger, who’s sort of my neighbour (coming from the neighbouring village, that is) and who doesn’t seem too keen to speak High German 🙂 and Ivy … of course I shouldn’t forget Kim, but I’ve been waiting for her to choose a good song and not to bore me anymore with, like, radio classics …

The best music to drive these hard times away comes from the Overseas, though: Arcade Fire!!!! (thank you, Tina, once more) …

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