Stupid Question

Me: “Do you think … Have you ever considered we could be, like, meta organisms the Universe has created for its own purpose?”

He: “You mean … humanity as a biological entity, created by the Universe to think about the Universe?!?”

Me: “Yeah, something along these lines. I am not stating this was the purpose of the Universe, mind you. I am sure our Universe or its origin is not of divine nature or anything. What I mean is an ingrained function causing meta entities to appear one day as a logical step in the development of the Universe, meant to think about and to explain the nature of the Universe. Before it fizzes out.”

He: “Hmm. I don’t like the idea, really. And I can’t believe …”

Me: “Yes, I am quite aware that we as the nearest meta universal candidates are doing loads of useless things instead. A half of us thinks the other half is less worthy because it lacks a certain dangling attachment between the legs, there have always been belief entities of different kinds, material and immaterial, in whose name it has been allowed to do away with non-believers too many times and most of us throw away things pretending they will just evaporate without trace in this closed cyclic system we live on. Still. No one says the Universe has already created cognizant beings that are actually going to fulfill the function they were made for.”

He: “Hm, a meta blind alley and a blind meta alley at once, is it?”

Me: “Could be, yes.”


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