Den Lille Elgfrue.

Well, Madam Moose, what’s going on? Been little on the brittle side these few months, have we?

Erm … 😯 Yeah. Don’t know why, really.

Announcing publicly we were going to have fun this year, before we hit 40, didn’t we? Because life’s never been better than that, is it?

Well, yes. And I meant it. It is true. However … It still feels like … walking on broken glass. 😳

And all those stupid questions you’ve been asking yourself. Despite knowing the answers perfectly well for ages. AGES and you know that.

Well … It’s … Damn. Damn you.

Well, at least you stick to your workout routine. That’s good.

Thank you!?! Now, I … Murmuring to herself: How now brown cow, how now brown cow, how-

Yes, yes, yes! Go and buy it! Because you’re worth it. Just do it.

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