Darkly Dreaming

It is not really surprising that I had this dream last night: we’ve been watching Dexter (Season 2) these days and at one time or another, it simply had to happen.

So I dreamt I was caught and should be put to prison, as a killer. Funny thing is: I don’t even remember having ever hit anyone, I think not even as a child. I also don’t tend to feel aggressive towards people and I certainly don’t suffer from a lack of emotions 🙂

So I just copied the most interesting moments from yesterday’s three episodes and played them through in my sleep.

Since this must be the most important question Dexter has confronted us with, I have spent some time wondering whether I felt any empathy towards him. I don’t. I am emotionally involved in his struggles to survive as a special, queer human being and to research the new and the old possibilities connected to that, but I don’t think or feel he’s a hero.

I also didn’t feel heroic in my dream.


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