It’s my life and I’ll study if I want to

As much as I was impatiently waiting for the Easter holidays to begin, it wasn’t to fool around, though I should have, really. You see, I am not allowed to, even though I am an atheist: it is officially forbidden to frolic and dance on Good Friday in Germany.

Well then, all work no joy being the requirement today, I made some gnocchi, for the very first time. They were quite OK: I prepared them in a clichéd way, with basil, olive oil and Parmesan. This being Baden, I also added some sour cream to the sauce and I put two thirds of the uncut dough into the fridge to be used later on.

Then I made some chocolate cream, to be devoured with strawberries. It was quite OK, too, but not really a pleasure … 😈

Then I skipped my beloved training (it being a great pleasure) and finally started reading my lecture notes. Which is when the big pleasure kicked in, despite all my efforts to avoid it.

I have only applied for an introductory course of study (the so called Propädeutikum) this semester and what I need to do now is practice the style of legal opinions, which I will start doing after having attended an appropriate course in Karlsruhe, and then to learn for my exam in September.

I still have doubts about my linguistic abilities reaching far enough for me to succeed in completing any of the courses, but then: doubt is good news. It means trying harder, which will be fun, like, as of tomorrow. 😈


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