3 Totally Delightful Things

1. Six Feet Under.
I am quite obsessed with the series right now and the best thing is: we still have 2 seasons to go. 🙂 Together with Lost, Dexter and Battlestar Galactica, it is a filmed work of art we are going to re-watch in the years to come. IMHO that’s how you find out whether something really is good: you re-read or re-watch it. I can tell you from that experience that Lost, Dexter and Battlestar Galactica really are good. 🙂

2. The Long Night of Mathematics
On 27 April. In Karlsruhe. Again 🙂

3. Elliptical trainer
I have been increasing the intensity and the number of days on which I spend 50 minutes jumping around without touching the ground and it feels better and better. Can’t believe it.

2 responses to “3 Totally Delightful Things

  • Tina.

    I love Six Feet Under. And not only because it was the first show David and I watched together when we first started dating in 2005. 😉

    • alcessa

      Well, it totally gets under your skin. Also, I love me some depiction of … liberal themes appearing quite natural. And the black humour. And the actors and their movie personas. And the look of it all. And the fact I now spend so much time thinking about so many scenes, topics and contents … About people.
      2 days ago I was literally squirming when Ruth was chasing Arthur (ljek), since my feeling of Fremdschämen (wenn you are totally embarrassed instead of someone else) was killing me and at the same time, I wanted to be killed softly by a series I have invested so much emotions and thoughts into 🙂

      So yeah: good choice, Tina and David.

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