Why, Oh Why?!? :-(

We’ve been running out of Six Feet Under.

But I don”t want it to end yet!


Our next viewing project?

Rome, for the second time.

Maybe this time next year we can start watching Six Feet Under again.

21 responses to “Why, Oh Why?!? :-(

  • Tina.

    We just finished the first season of The Boardwalk Empire last night. Coming up, I think, is Mildred Pierce. There’s never a shortage of shows for us, so, at least so far, we haven’t watched anything twice.

    • alcessa

      A, Mildred Pierce. Not a bad idea. 🙂

      We sort of fall for some of them and simply have to re-watch them 🙂 Actually, I think we are going to watch Lost and Battlestar Galactica for the third time soon 😳

      • Tina.

        We fall for many of them, too. Just feel like it’s a waste of time to watch something twice, if there’s more good stuff waiting for me out there. 😉

        • alcessa

          I think the problem is we both need much time and thinking to decide on a new show, since our tastes are rather … narrowed down. Also, if you don’t have a TV you need to discover new shows by doing research or similar 🙂
          And since 5 seasons containing 12/13 episodes is a lot to remember, every new watching means seeing something “new” while also being at leisure to discover things (connections, points made etc.) you didn’t have the opportunity the first time. Just like good books 🙂

          (you know what? I just had to look up the spelling of “leisure” :oops:)

          • Tina.

            Oh, I totally get that–discovering new things while re-watching (or re-reading); it’s just that with us…well, we never run out of new things to watch. We use Netflix to rent DVDs, and our queue is always full of shows and movies (and we keep adding new ones, when we hear about them). We’re pretty picky watchers as well, and we only use our TV to watch DVDs on it.

  • alcessa

    Well, I checked the list of my commentators’ suggestions made some time ago and it seems to me the next new series we might watch could be …

    • Tina.

      Awesome! One of our favorites! 🙂

      I think after Mildred Pierce we’ll be watching The Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, then the second season of Treme, and the fourth season of True Blood.

      • alcessa

        Ha. 🙂 We’ve done Game of Thrones already 🙂 Well, no: only the first season. It’s OK, but not as good as … It’s good.

        And if you say Deadwood is awesome then I’ll make sure we watch it.

        • Tina.

          Only the first season of GoT is out here, so that’s what we’ll see for now…. I’ve heard good things.

          Hope you like Deadwood! I was really said when it got cancelled. Same with Rome.

  • alcessa

    OH! True Blood sounds goooood!

    • Tina.

      OMG–I’m obsessed with True Blood. Actually, I’m obsessed with Eric (you’ll know what I mean, if you ever start watching it). 😀

      Oh, one other good one we watched recently–Justified. Have you seen The Wire? It reminded me of that.

      OK, I should really go to work now, though I’d much rather stay here and chat about TV shows with you…. 😉

      • alcessa

        I know what you mean 🙂 chatting is good, especially if one has to do serious work. But you still know how to spell leisure, no? 🙂

        (I’ve just sent my hubby links to true blood and deadwood so that he can check them up, too)

  • Techka

    Gulp, I am not fammiliar with any mentioned serie. Maybe I really should watch at least one. Which one of mentioned is the best – on your opinnion? 🙂

    • alcessa

      Well, some time ago, I got a bunch of suggestions and they were gooood: look them up here.

      My favourites: Lost, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, Rome, Numbers, The Tudors – in no particular order. But do check them up on youtube – you may not want to see too many dead bodies or something 🙂

  • Techka

    Uf, I have a lot of work now. 🙂 THX!

    • alcessa

      I am sure you won’t regret it – do it, as long as you can.
      Oh, I forgot one I haven’t seen yet: Frišna adors Prison Break 🙂

  • Bimbo

    Dear ladies, you may chuckle or even laugh out loud at the poor Bimbo, but I really enjoy the No. 1 Ladies’ detective agency serial emitted by the otherwise rather sorrowful Slovene national TV. Am I becoming a third world hausfrau or what? 🙂

  • lili

    justified is similar to the wire? good to know, that was my all time favorite till now. (but i haven’t seen that many, actually.)

    • Tina.

      Yes, it reminded me of The Wire a lot. And its main character is your husband’s lookalike. 😉

      Since you loved The Wire (also my all-time favorite!), you’ll probably also like Breaking Bad (it keeps getting better with each season).

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