Qui Mal Y Pense …

A breathalyzer for everyone. In France.

So this is how the new French government is planning to finance the new “pensions at 45 and manna for everyone”-policy?!?!

From 1 July 2012 on, every driver in France needs to have a breathalyzer in his/her car. 

And from November 2012 on, the French police may require you to pay 11 teuro if you haven’t bought a breathalyzer or two before crossing the border. Plus, they will earn money by not having to have a breathalyzer on them.

“So how do you say ‘Alkoholtest’ in French?” I ask Heike, who’s in the same French course. “Well,” she hesitates, “you say ‘gluck gluck’ and pretend you’re putting something into your mouth. They’ll know, ze French.”

Luckily, I don’t need one when riding a bike. Not yet.


5 responses to “Qui Mal Y Pense …

  • Techka

    A to oni resno al kaj? Kdo bo pa preverjal, če ga znaš prav uporabljati?

    Pa sem mislila, da so Francozi pametni…

  • Bimbo

    The new government? This is very odd timing, I’d say, Alcessa. Maybe you’d rather check again when this legislation was proposed and when it went through all the procedures. In my humble opinion it may well be a rotten fish left over by the ancien regime.
    As breathalysers are probably manufactured much more eastward than Alsace an immensely more popular and economy boosting measure would have been to prescribe each car in traffic to carry at least a 250g pack of French cheese or a (seal-corked) bottle of French wine or a pack of madeleines or Breton butter cookies or simply all of it. 🙂

    • alcessa

      You are right, of course, but I simply had to take this satiric swipe at the new government, since they are going to profit from it all anyway.

      I dare say people at the French Ministry of the Interior are happy for not having to buy the breathalyzers themselves anymore (for their policemen to use them on drivers).

      • Bimbo

        Satirical? I’d rather say sarkozystic. 🙂

        Maybe it’s good the “Dutchman” came into Elysee because I wonder what would be the ancien regime’s next move. Compulsory handcuffs for each adult out in public space so the chaps at Place Beauvau* would spare some more taxpayers’ money?

        * I’m not sure if this isn’t a spelling mistake. Maybe it should be written Beauveau (Belleveal in English?). 🙂

        • alcessa

          Oh, I have already forgotten Sarkozy, it happened yesterday already … In my German experience it usually doesn’t matter who introduced such changes: most parties just pretend to be left or right nowadays …

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