Midweek Crisis

It was certainly one of the most charming moments I had ever had the honour to attend: my French course classmate suddenly started handing out books to us. Well, a book. Heike told us Klaus had donated some of his books at a book exchange fair and received a bunch of new ones in return, that is, a few copies of the same book. A good book.

You know it, I don’t: “About A Boy” by Nick Hornby.

Yeah, well, I had been keeping Hornby on the back burner for some time, together with Kureishi, and then Klaus sort of made me read him. Only it is not his fault: officially, I have been re-reading Zafon and studying for my first exam. I really am.

But last night, I had a good look at Hornby. Since I am not the youngest chick in the coop any more, I had to look and look and then some more.

And then get up at 6.30, which is, like, a venom for my system, which is why I am dying of sleepiness today. And no: coffee doesn’t help.

So, when all is said and done, it is either Hornby or a posh lifestyle (organic veggies at 6.45, the same old story) I might be forced to choose next time.

And no, I couldn’t make my husband get up and get the veggies: he got to sleep MUCH later than me. Maybe he wished, just a bit, I hadn’t given him a Kindle as a present back in January?

Oh and: YES, I will try to get to the Hairkiller’s tomorrow.


2 responses to “Midweek Crisis

  • jana zf

    So, in the end, was it worth it?

    I must admit, though, I kind of envy you, nowadays I stay awake to correct tests, read complicated articles, study faculty regulations regarding the application procedure for the doctoral theme, write the disposition, insert mentor’s corrections, take antibiotics, reread the nonsense I had written earlier and start anew … aaaarrrgh! Not to mention I have articles pending – to be written. Soon.

    • alcessa

      Well, two weeks before I forgot to sleep and read instead I had been working very hard, even at weekends. And then this little alcessa in me said: I hate it that you read only things you have to. How about some prolonged pleasure? Unfortunately, I listened to her. I am not going to describe you the impact on my health, you will know things that happen. I do need to shut down my inner voice next time, though.

      Well, if it consoles you a bit: I expressly didn’t want to do my phd, because I was sure it would be too much work, what with having to earn money to go with it, too. So I went independent instead 🙂 Obviously, I don’t have to make copies for my prof and teach for almost nothing, but the burden is sometimes quite … quite. Sometimes I think I have chosen tit for tat 🙂

      Anyway, should you really be working that much if you are ill? How about taking a REAL break (I wanted to write brake right now, a common mistake but a good pun in your case, no? :-))?

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