I Do.

In an article in the Süddeutsche, Thomas Kistner says the referees may have received (hush hush) careful instructions to keep the football business going: who wants to see Croats, Ukrainians or Danes in the finale, anyway, Kistner asks. Not the advertising industry in any case.

I do. I am getting quite fed up with the eternal “Spain or France or Italy” question (you have noticed, haven’t you, that ze Germans are always considered to be the most probable winners and it somehow never works out).

I want Ghana to win the World Championship next time. It is really very boring to have to deal with the same names all the time. That goes for you, too, Rooney Mooney, Ibrahimovic Pupimovic and Ronaldo Popaldo.

Srna, Schewtschenko, Isaksson … are names too, you know.

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