– D’you know what’s really freaking me out?!?! Remember how I told you yesterday, right there in the bathroom, that I thought I needed a new shaver.  Well, ever since I’ve been getting internet ads depicting ladies’ shavers on most pages I go to. So what now: effing G**gle has me monitored?!? They really, like: really, should get a life in this case and it’s not in our bathroom!

– Don’t know how I should pass the exam without having enough time to even look at my learning materials! I guess I’ll break the record for most minus points at the exam … What do you mean there won’t be any minus points?!?! When they see my answers they’re gonna introduce them especially for me! I’ll be the Norrisette Chuck of the Law Faculty, but the wrong way, if you get me!

Yeah. It’s 23:21 and I am still working. There were times when visitors to my blog would have remembered that I had to get up early today (6:30) to get my organic veggies … Well, nothing lasts forever … Newly non-blogging folks, this one’s for you. Maybe.


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