Wasgau Lake Tour

really is beautiful, all 21 kilometres of it.


11 responses to “Wasgau Lake Tour

  • alcessa

    Yeah, it was really good, were it not for the Treetop Trail – it is situated at the very end of the 21 km and as soon as I saw it I soooo wanted to do it … Alas, we’d had enough of walking that day so we had to pass. 😦

  • Bimbo

    While it is OK to see only trees and some running water under the title Wasgau Lake, one would (ana)logically expect to see a vast lake or even a sea when hitting the link to the Treetop Trail. Very misleading, all of it. 😉

    • alcessa

      That’s because there are no big lakes along the way… only small ponds, many of them. Yeah, they did misname the tour 🙂 but it is also true that one can see many idyllic water surfaces while doing it and it is OK to point to that (“Wasgauer Teichweg”? Hm…).
      If there were big lakes anywhere near here, we’d be canoeing most of the time, but the only respectable one that could be considered for the weekend is Bodensee and I don’t want to try to sleep in a tent while a daughter tries to persuade her father to give her her Gameboy ever again (“Ich will mein Gaaaaaaamebooooooooooooy, Papa!” *HEUL*)

  • Bimbo

    Wasgauer Teichweg? Then any bimbo would be looking for fish and might well find yet another excuse for even more nagging. 🙂

    Now it’s high time to go back to work. See ya.

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