Just another afternoon.

Hmmmm, bread without pig bristles/human hair/chicken feathers/cow horns … ?

What else but to bake it. Since L-Cysteine, derived from the above mentioned body parts of living beings, need not be declared for our daily German bread, I can only guess how much of it I have consumed so far. Chinese hair? An acquired taste, no less. 😦

Luckily, I enjoy baking bread and my hubby doesn’t mind eating the stuff I turn out while still learning how to bake proper bread.

While I think carnivores should eat ALL the edible parts of animals that are slain for their pleasure, just like they did in grandma’s time (among others: pig’s tail, brain, heart, feet, ears …), I hate the thought that many things one could consider vegetarian are actually not, because they contain animal body parts: fruit juices containing gelatine, chips containing pork … and bread containing bristles.

On the good side: one of my favourite cheese companies (no calf rennet) has started producing hard cheese with “Mediterranean herbs” flavour and “No garlic” written on top 😀 Finally! Finally someone who’s not pandering to the taste of the masses, introduced by the industries to make people eat their products and then want more, considering this cheap, revenue boosting stuff fundamental to any taste worth its name.



2 responses to “Just another afternoon.

  • frišna

    Me, I’d love some chicken feathers with my porridge

    • alcessa

      Let me give you a tip: pillows! OK, so it’s not chicken feathers in there but … geese, still, just give it a try 🙂 Might be good for your ……………………….. bones? Fingernails? Or you could have them AFTER the porridge, I think this is called the Roman diet, no? 🙂

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