Anniversary Cookery. And Things Learnt.

Let me … confirm one of your most important impressions about me: yes, I am thrifty. 😈

Adult even. 😯

But it’s not because there’s something wrong with me: I am not of the death-to-capitalism-money-for-all type. I simply discovered things often get/taste/look/feel much better this way. The simple way.

You know: instead of feasting on a gold foil strewn soup followed by vegetarian caviar, carved from the bark of a Nicaraguan highland tree, vegetarian foie gras, produced in platinum test tubes and frozen in the Antarctic for 137 months, and chocolate cake, decorated with feathers of an extinct dodo relative for our wedding anniversary, we decided to use simple, everyday things for our 5 hours cooking marathon.

Special wine, yes, but everything else only had to be one thing only: a simple ingredient.

Like: some fresh mint and basil from the window sill, two eggs, a zucchino, some buckwheat flour, two small pieces of puff pastry, some rocket and some fruit (mango, orange, figs, pear), some yogurt and a little bit of cream, some peanut butter, some leftover cheese, some noodles and a small quantity of agar and balsamic vinegar.  Spices as always.

Most of these things we always store at home.

So when all is said and described, what did we-?

(I hid a small mint leaf and some hard goat cheese between the two pieces of buckwheat waffle)

(my hubby hid a dollop of cream and the leftover buckwheat waffle in his zucchini soup with basil)

(nothing got hidden in this rocket salad with mango, yogurt-balsamico sauce and puff paste with sweet goat cheese)

(noodles with Parmesan and peanut sauce, zucchini pancakes)

(assorted fruits, a small gelatin cake with orange and spices, mint, cream)

5 responses to “Anniversary Cookery. And Things Learnt.

  • Techka

    Madonca, človk bi se k vama kar na kosilo povabu… Vse tole zgleda res slastno!

    Čestitke za obletnico! 🙂

  • Techka

    5 ur? Nič čudno, da rabiš posebno obleko… 🙂

    • alcessa

      Ja, saj to je kar precej hrane (preveč za eno kosilo), poleg tega vse sproti pripravljava in tudi po vsakem obroku pomijeva posodo, čvekava, fotkava itd. Pri teh zadevah se VEDNO posebej lepo oblečem, najbrž zato, da vsaj doma malce žuram … 🙂

  • Bimbo

    Džizs, a te nisem že enkrat prosil, da ob takih zadevah čisto zgoraj objaviš posebno opozorilo? Še dobro, da je zdaj čas kosila, sicer bi ob teh slikah kar poginil. Vendar se bojim, da mi danes kosilo ne bo tako teknilo, kot-bi-če-ne-bi… 😉

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