Because I’m a Girl

11 October 2012 -> an important day.

It is the first ever International Day of the Girl Child as declared by the United Nations.

While us girls in the First World may cringe or wonder why a day dedicated to our sex and/or gender should be necessary, somewhere else, a grandma of my age may just now have been treated like shit by someone for no other reason but her body missing some dangling parts and possessing others instead. And because it’s always been done like that. Because no one put useful words into her mouth or taught her to kick ass or allowed her to keep the money earned or even learn the ABC … So, you see, we must start with girls and boys and never give up.

With this little post I’d like to support the efforts of Plan International, Plan Deutschland and other organizations striving for the rights and well-being of girls and women outside our premium world. And inside, too.

Now, here are a few ways we can all help to actively better the predicament of the lesser sex in parts of the world where they should know better. Because we are the lucky ones.



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