Weirdest Dreams Ever, I Think.

Me trying to paint my fingernails and failing to achieve the expected immaculate effect. Actually, I didn’t even manage to paint them all the same colour.

How weird is that? I mean: I haven’t painted or had nails suitably long for painting since … anno Tobak. So what is my subconsciousness trying to tell me? 🙂 That I am old enough to put on some varnish? 😆 ?!?

And then, some time later, I am in Moscow, looking for a train station to get back home. No, planes haven’t been invented yet in my dreams. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a purse with me. Or money, for that matter. 😯

Watching Breaking Bad might be doing strange things to my brain, but I simply HAVE to see it all.


14 responses to “Weirdest Dreams Ever, I Think.

  • Tina.

    It probably really is Breaking Bad–whenever we watch this show, I have the strangest and most disturbing dreams.

  • Techka

    He he, I do not have such weird dreams, as I haven’t seen mentioned show yet. 🙂
    But when I am thinking about going back to job after my maternity leave, I dream that my boss is yelling at me in a meeting. 😦
    So, what is better?

    • alcessa

      Your dream is much worse, obviously. But what are the chances of your boss yelling at you?
      Of course you’re not going ti have it easy straight away when you get back to work, but it is quite probable that you’ll just snap back in in no time … I am not telling you something you already know as an empty consolation phrase – I have such moments of “how will I ever get back to work again” every year in my beloved Scandinavia. Meaning the enjoyment is always a bit tinged with my fear of how on Earth am I going to be able to work. Guess what, I always am. Not the first day but the third…

      • Techka

        I am not afraid that I won’t snap back to work. It is just that we have boss, who claims everybody should work for (at least) 12hours/day and does not care if people have small children. This is what bothers me, as we all now, small babies need their moms.
        But I still hope that our boss will go away until I am back in the office. And as I hear rumours this might really happen. 🙂 Hope dies last.

  • lili

    maybe i should give breaking bad another chance, it seems i’ll be getting some bizarre and interesting dreams as well 😉

    • alcessa

      A word of warning might be appropriate here: while this was one of my weirdest dreams evah :-), Breaking Bad actually caused me to dream much more … dark & frightening stuff. Because I seem to think about things even in my sleep or something and I sometimes wander into … dark waters doing it.

  • lili

    čist nepovezano: mam novo rjuho, sem ti hotela poslati sliko, ker bi ti bila ZELO všeč 🙂 samo nimam emaila. nič hudega sicer, saj mislim, da veš, kaj je na tej rjuhi 🙂

  • lili

    da te odženem? 🙂

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